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Religious Literacy Assessment


The Religious Literacy Assessment Program in the Diocese of Wollongong provides information about the way children process and express their religious knowledge. Religious literacy refers to the way children use their literacy skills to communicate their understanding of the religious tradition to themselves, their peers, teachers and members of the wider faith community.

This assessment instrument involves all Year 4 students across the Diocese of Wollongong and consists of a Part A multiple choice and short answer paper, and a Part B extended task based on a unit of work. The tasks are developed around the Religious Literacy Framework of Knowing the Tradition, Working with the Tradition, Applying the Tradition and Valuing the Tradition, reflecting Stage 1 and Stage 2 outcomes of the RE Curriculum.

The data gathered from the assessment is analyzed to inform learning and teaching in schools, to focus on professional learning and to recognize and celebrate learning in the domain of Religious Education in the Wollongong Diocese.