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GIRLS SUMMER UNIFORM                                             BOYS SUMMER UNIFORM

HAT:      Bottle Green, bucket style with emblem               HAT: Bottle Green, legionnaire with


DRESS:      Green check                                                  SHIRT:      Green with school emblem

JUMPER:  Bottle Green                                                    SHORTS:  Grey

SOCKS:      Short white, fold-over style                            JUMPER:  Bottle Green

SHOES:      Black lace up                                                 SOCKS:     Short grey with school stripes

                                                                                     SHOES:    Black lace up


GIRLS WINTER UNIFORM                                            BOYS WINTER UNFORM

TUNIC:       Bottle green with gold plaid                             SHIRT:          Green long sleeve

BLOUSE:    Lemon Peter Pan collar long sleeve                   TROUSERS:  Grey

SLACKS:    Bottle green with half elastic back

                (ACE-HI slacks only)

JUMPER:   Bottle green woollen                                         JUMPER:  Bottle green woollen

TAB-TIE:    School check                                                  TIE:           School stripes

SOCKS:      White knee hi                                                 SOCKS:     Short grey with school stripes

TIGHTS:    Black

JACKET:     (Optional)  Bottle green with emblem               JACKET:   (Optional) Bottle green with



GIRLS SPORT UNIFORM                                              BOYS SPORT UNIFORM

SHORTS:   Bottle green microfiber with emblem                SHORTS:  Bottle green microfiber with


T/SHIRT:   Gold with school emblem                                 T/SHIRT:  Gold with school emblem

TRACKSUIT:  Green with gold stripes and emblem             TRACKSUIT:  Green with gold stripes and


SOCKS:      Short White, fold-over style                            SOCKS:    Short White, fold-over style

SHOES:      White                                                            SHOES:    White



Hair must be tidy.  Certain exaggerated fashion hair cuts are not acceptable (including colouring of hair).  Boys hair should not touch collar.  Girls with long hair must have ALL hair pulled back in plaits, pony-tail etc.


GIRLS JEWELLERY                                                              BOYS JEWELLERY

WATCH                                                                               WATCH

EARRINGS:   One pair only –  plain gold or

                    silver  studs or sleepers           

RINGS:         One Signet ring only



If  parents wish their children to wear a chain with a cross, or holy medal, it is to be worn under clothing.  No other jewellery is permitted.