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Special Education

At Mary Immaculate, we are committed to ensuring that all students’ individual learning needs are met. At times, students require adjustments to curriculum content, learning and assessments. Recommendations may be made by the School Review Committee to seek professional assessment for a particular child. It may be suggested that the child be referred to a psychologist attached to the Catholic Education Office for psychometric testing.

Other suggestions may include the referral of a student to a Pediatrician, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Audiologist, Optometrist, Psychologist or Counsellor. As a result of this testing additional funding may be made available to support the needs of the child. 

This special education funding is to support teachers in catering for the needs of the student.  All funded students have an Individual Plan (IP) developed collaboratively with parents and regular meetings are held with parents to discuss progress and concerns.